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Name:Paper Legends
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paper legends.

Welcome to [community profile] paperlegends, the Merlin Big Bang!

A Big Bang is a challenge that encourages writers to create long stories within a certain time frame and artists to create works to pair with those stories. [community profile] paperlegends is an equal opportunity challenge. All pairings and moresomes and gen stories are welcome. Likewise, AU, crossovers and fusions, all genres and all ratings are also welcome, so long as the primary focus of your story is Merlin and its characters.

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{ any questions/queries please contact me }

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Membership will be limited to participants only: writers, artists, betas and cheerleaders, but watching the community is still open to all and very much encouraged! Please remember to request membership if/when you sign-up to enable you access to all members-only posts which you will need to be able to view. Memberships will be granted during the sign-up phase.

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{ inspirational Big Bang artwork by [personal profile] adelagia }

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